Monday, March 30, 2009


"Two hearts are bitten together".... Kylie you're reading my mind!. Sometimes is crazy, I'm trying to close my eyes but is impossible , they are in all the room, all the toilets, all the kitchen room, all clasesrooms, all the school. They are, hot, sexy, calling me with their eyes, their legs, their faces... all their body... I can't resist.

Boys, boys, turks, italians, brazilians, swiss, germans, argentineans, chileans, mexicans, spanish, latin, aussies... I'm going crazy!!! Men, hot men! Sexy men! Crazy men! naked men! I love them! I'm looking for them, they're finding me.... I have never felt something like this... This is a fucking and hot paradise... So, I'll keep listening music and analyzing them...

2 Hearts. Kylie Minoge.
He's a dream. Shandi.
Boys boys boys. Sabrina.
Love Cats. Tricky.
100% Chromeo

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