Thursday, March 26, 2009


Sometimes I feel that I´m fine, that all the pain had gone away, but I know that is lie, because the pain is still in my heart and I can´t stop him. I understand the change, and I´m sure the change is going to help me, but I can´t see a light... I can´t see anything… my life is like a big and dark tunnel and when I walk through it I just see many pictures in on the wall. The pictures have all the moments of my life since I met you.

Pictures with my family, with yours, with my friends, with yours… pictures of you, pictures of me, pictures together, kissing, dancing, living, hugging, laughing, screaming, loving… In the end of the tunnel is a big picture of you… after no pictures and after a picture of me… crying…

In a moment I open my eyes and I remember that I´m so stronger and I can´t flag…

In my mind...

Alone. Hearth.
Turn Back Time. Aqua.
Till the end of time. Devonchtka.

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